¿Cómo correguir y limpiar el sistema operativo de Windows?

windows_xpRealmente Windows tiene un problema importante para cualquier usuario. A medida que se usa más y más …. más lento va. Aparecen los errores y no hay manera de estar tranquilo. Para optimizar el sistema Smart PC Fixer ha creado una aplicación de fácil uso.
Esta aplicación permite:
dot Reparar errores del sistema.
dot Mejorar el arranque.
dot Limpiar el registro.
dot Desfragmentar el disco.
dot Optimizar la configuración del sistema.
Tienen una buena asistencia técnica que ayudan con los problemas que queramos resolver.
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WordPress Starter Guide

wordpress guidedot 115+ pages (PDF) of information on how to use WordPress to create a website. Great for beginners. (Instant download — requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).

dot Tips on topic/keyword research, SEO (search engine optimization), promotion, plugins, making money, writing content, layout, security and customizing common elements of your blog (header, stylesheet, etc.).

dot An entire chapter dedicated to layout that will help you make your WordPress site easier to navigate using static pages and potentially improve your site’s search engine optimization.

dot Instructions for adding/floating social media icons in your header.

dot Discover how to easily add AdSense ads to your sidebar.

dot Lots of colorful screenshots for illustration and easy reading.

dot Help with using the WordPress 3.0 Menu feature to create drop-down navigation menus in seconds.

dot Inside tips on what I’ve done with my newest WordPress site to improve the page views per visitor.

dot FREE lifetime upgrades! WordPress is always being updated, so I will keep the guide up-to-date to reflect major releases and send you a copy.

Web: WordPress Guide.

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Website Design

diseño webSimple Website Design Course that Will Not Only Provide You With an HTML Editor and Teach You Step by Step How to Create a Website, But it Will Also Show You with 14 Web Design Videos.

check box Quick Start Guide to Website Design.
check box Planning Your Website.
check box HTML Tutorial.
check box Creating Your First Web Page.
check box Working with Graphics.
check box Advanced Web Design.
check box Web Hosting.
check box File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
check box Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
check box JavaScript.
check box Design Tips and Tricks.
check box Reference Charts.
check box Marketing and Promotion.
check box Resources.
check box Glossary of Terms.
check box 14 Beginner HTML Tutorial Videos.
check box HTML Editor.
check box 20 Beautifully Designed Niche Blogs.
check box 100+ Professionally Designed Templates.
check box CamStudio Internet Marketing Version.
check box Mastering Web Hosting.
check box Killer Mini Sites.
check box Proven Pricing Secrets.

Web: Website Design.

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Posicionamiento web en Google

google site rankingCurso audiovisual para conseguir un buen posicionamiento de la web en los resultados de Google. Se ofrece una información actualizada de las últimas novedades del sector. Estrategias de posicionamiento Web actualizadas. técnicas White Hat, creación de campañas SEO, acelaración en la creación de backlinks, author rank, etc.

Solicitar vídeos informativos gratis: Posicionamiento Web en Google.

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Themedy themes

themedyFresh Designs for Thesis & Genesis.

Premium designs for the top WordPress frameworks bundled with loads of options and great support.

Discover why thousands of customers have picked Themedy to enhance their favorite WordPress frameworks.

Child themes are addon designs that support (and require) either Thesis from DIYThemes or Genesis from StudioPress. If you haven’t had any experience with child themes, they work just like your regular WordPress themes.

The one difference is instead of standing alone, they hook into another parent theme which provides the core functionality. Think of WordPress as the engine, Thesis or Genesis as the body and Themedy as the paint job. You get an incredible new design and keep all the power of an industry-leading framework.

Sound complicated? It’s not – installing is as simple as installing any regular theme and can be accomplished with a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard.

What makes Themedy unique is our support for two leading WordPress frameworks with every theme we release. There is no other site that matches the amount and quality of themes we provide for both Thesis & Genesis.

Web: Themedy.

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